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4 min readDec 1, 2022

It’s time for another update on everything related to Xion Global’s crypto payments infrastructure.

As of 28th November 2022, Xion Global processed XGT top up, withdrawals and transfers on the Mumbai Polygon Testnet!! Ticking off a significant milestone in our migration roadmap to the Polygon Network.

Let’s jump straight into Xion Global’s updates…

Smart Contract Updates

Nearly all of the smart contracts and relevant modules have been updated and deployed (Mumbai) to accommodate all the latest crypto payment features that Xion has to offer.

4 main objectives for the Xion Global smart contracts:

  • Adapt contracts to support any ERC-20 token payments & rewards
  • Upgrade contracts to solidity 0.8 & remove SafeMath
  • Simplify smart contract code
  • Update interface for single/recurring contract modules

All the Xion Global payment contracts have been successfully deployed to the Polygon Testnet (Mumbai) and are currently being tested.

Here are examples of tests being actively carried out in preparation for our mainnet (Polygon Network) launch:

  • Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Payouts
  • Cashback & Loyalty Payments

Crypto Payment APIs Update

Due to the migration to Polygon Network, our Xion Global APIs are being updated to accommodate the new chain and supported tokens.

Once completed, all of Xion Global’s clients (Metaverse, Casino) will be integrating the crypto payments infrastructure into their website or app for a seamless crypto checkout experience.

5 Main API Features:

  • Email, Social Media, MetaMask & Wallet Connect Onboarding
  • Single & Recurring on-site Crypto Payments
  • Customer Reporting & Analytics
  • Stablecoin Settlement (USDT)
  • API Dashboard (Create, update, delete)

Allowing their users to seamlessly checkout on-site, with multiple crypto payment options, whilst the merchants payouts are instantly settled in USDT (Polygon Network).

Additionally, API documentation will be released to support client crypto payment integrations and an industry specific SDK that’ll be underway to streamline the gaming client integrations.

New Hosted Checkout UI & Polygon Environment

A simplified, more streamlined hosted checkout UI is also underway to support our gaming, metaverse and casino clients.

Our clients will have more custom branding options and the ability to host the checkout on-site using our APIs.

This will involve different flows for payments such as:

  • Direct Payments
  • Email Only Payments
  • Default 3-Step Flow Payments

As the need for crypto payments becomes more of a reality, Xion Global stays ahead of the curb by constantly adapting to all the latest payment gateway user interfaces and experiences to ensure a simple yet powerful crypto payments checkout.

Xion Global Platform Update for Polygon

Last but not least, all Polygon Mumbai environment changes are being made accordingly in the hosted checkout, platform and related interfaces to support the smart contract migration to Polygon.

This includes changes such as (not limited to):

  • RPC, Node changes
  • New contract addresses, ABIs
  • Replacing base payments with general erc-20 payments
  • Generating new Key Management Service wallets for processing payments after deposits
  • Simple UI & UX changes to support USDT (Polygon)

Xion Pay Prototype

Our team has also been working very closely with multiple decentralised exchange and bridging partners to bring out a more decentralised payments gateway.

From swapping, to bridging and forwarding relevant contract calls for payments/payouts, we are now ready to adapt our current crypto payments infrastructure to the new and improved Xion Pay.

This will add support for majority of evm-based chains (AVAX, BSC, ETH, OPTIMISM etc), allowing users to checkout with more token payment options, merchants receive payouts from liquidity pools in stablecoins and ultimately decentralise the entire flow of funds.

This is no easy task and that is why Polygon Network has made remarkable introductions to industry leading players that will bring this prototype to life and expand on Xion Global’s vision… decentralised crypto payments infrastructure.

More info to be released as this prototype progresses.


From smart contracts, to crypto payment APIs, UI updates and Xion Pay prototypes, our team continues to expand our crypto payment infrastructure to support the on-going demand for crypto payments.

Expected release dates are as follows:

  • APIs, Smart Contracts, UI, Platform changes for Polygon launch — Q1 2023
  • Prototype — Q2 2023

An updated roadmap will be released in the coming month.

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