Some web3 checkout teasers for our community 🔥🤩

Xion is the next generation of payment portals. Bringing cross chain decentralised payments, loyalty and financial rewards to a global commerce industry. Think ‘Stripe’ for web3 💳 ⛓

We’ve made entering the crypto ecosystem as easy as pie 🥧 Where you can transition from a web2 to web3 environment without even changing your daily shopping habits 🛍

Want to become one of the very first merchants at Xion!?

Then submit your application now before we launch in Q3 👉👉

Here is a little taste of what is to come in Q3 2021!

Superpowers for Merchants ️🦸‍♀️

Currently, we have 31 merchants signed up and…

In today’s world of E-Commerce, every small online business must acclimate to a shadow of doubt ever-present and looming over them. This shadow is Amazon’s expansive and unyielding market dominance. For example, in 2020, Amazon reached a staggering 38.7% share of US E-Commerce retail sales.

We are very pleased to announce that Metrix Capital is backing us! Utilising their global network, strategic partnerships and proprietary research, Metrix Capital will help Xion continuously evolve and benefit from the fast moving and dynamic blockchain industry.

Metrix Capital is an investor vehicle which leverages knowledge, expertise, community contacts and capital to invest into crypto projects directly or through their strategic partners. They’re continuously establishing new partnerships with various players in the blockchain industry to help fund groundbreaking projects and founders in this expanding space.

Their extraordinary drive, expertise and global network will take Xion to new heights in…

We are proud to announce a strategic partnership with Darkpool Liquidity. Through this partnership, Darkpool Liquidity will provide Xion Finance with its deep market making, strategy/advisory services and liquidity provision that is utilised by over 100+ startups in the crypto space.

Darkpool Liquidity is the creator of the Binance API, a prominent liquidity provider and market maker that has over five years of experience and has helped propel multiple startups into top ranking positions.

Their primary focus is to help projects capitalise on current or future market conditions, and to help make token listings a smooth and seamless process.


We are proud to announce that Lupa X Capital has added us to their investment portfolio. This partnership will give us more exposure, guidance, and expert strategic advice to accelerate Xion’s growth and guarantee its success.

Lupa X Capital is an investment and advisory firm in the blockchain industry. Specialising in developing early-stage projects with a focus on DeFi and NFTs. Their team is made up of a group of professionals from a range of different technical backgrounds with a strong influence in Western Europe and Eastern Asia.

They’ve already built a portfolio of luminary projects, including most recently, Trustpad…

Xion Finance, a cross-chain yield farming and commerce protocol has formed a strategic partnership with Dutch Crypto Investors(“DCI Capital”). This is a great opportunity for Xion to gain more exposure in the European market and onboard new users into their DeFi, payment and rewards gateway.

DCI will be attracting general consumers, merchants and crypto investors from all their different community channels, business relationships and KOL partners. This will fuel the long term growth of not only Xion Finance but the Xion Global payments and rewards gateway 🚀

About DCI Capital

DCI Capital was founded in 2017 and is a collection of expert cryptocurrency…

We are proud to announce that Twin Apex Capital has come on board as an early stage investor. Twin Apex Capital will be providing us with on going support with funding, maximum exposure and access to their network of projects and influencers.

Twin Apex is a blockchain-centric private equity firm that provides smart money to nascent crypto assets and digital currency related projects. Their core competency as investors remains in investing in the right people, and providing rocket fuel through their network to get to the moon and beyond.

Their experience in emergent blockchain technologies is relatively longstanding — some…

Everything you need to know about the V1 > V2 migration — {continuously updated}

As you know we are releasing an upgraded V2 token that’s bringing more liquidity, security, exposure and decentralized financial and commerce products to supercharge any online store 🏬 🚀

This means it’s time to let you know exactly how the migration process will work for any current V1 XGT holders and liquidity providers.

Burning V1 XGT tokens 🔥

The first step to the migration is burning all vested tokens that the founders, partners and team have been issued for V1. This is because the vesting schedules have been revised and will…

We are super excited to announce our official IDO is launching on TrustPad — a decentralized multi-chain IDO platform enabling projects to safely raise capital whilst giving investors confidence in the legitimacy of projects.

The Xion Finance IDO will be launched by Trustpad (TBA). More details coming soon.

But before we get into the IDO, let us show you what opportunity lies ahead for Xion in a $4.2 trillion dollar e-commerce industry…

Crypto commerce

The idea of paying for goods and services using cryptocurrency is growing at a phenomenal pace. Already, 35% of Europeans (53% of Turks) said that cryptocurrency is the…

We are excited to announce our preparation for the new and improved V2 XGT token contracts 🎉

Modern commerce and cross-chain (DeFi) products require tokens that can not only be traded, deposited, bridged and rewarded… but used for creating brand loyalty, recurring payments/liquidity provision, cashback locks, burning and much more. Our current XGT cross-chain token lacks some of these features that many commerce and DeFi products expect. But, with our upgraded (V2) XGT token plugging into the likes of Shopify and Uniswap, you’re unlocking more decentralized financial and commerce products to supercharge any online store.

The upgraded (V2)XGT token opens…

Xion Finance

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