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4 min readSep 28, 2023
Xion Global & Scan To Pay Partnership

Scan to Pay, Powered by Ukheshe, has partnered with Xion Global to offer crypto payments on the Scan to Pay app.

Scan to Pay, powered by Ukheshe, is the largest QR ecosystem in South Africa and is used by more than 600,000 vendors, 14 banks and fintech companies and 94 payment service providers. Now, this new partnership will seamlessly introduce more crypto payment options to mainstream South Africa through the Scan to Pay app.

Tracy-Lee Schoeman, Vice President of Loyalty and Rewards at Ukheshe, says the rise of cryptocurrencies has created a new wave of opportunities for performing financial transactions. “Cryptocurrency payments have the potential to transform the way people transact with lower fees, faster settlement times, and greater financial sovereignty — something Ukheshe is excited to offer through Scan to Pay.”

A Deloitte survey revealed that almost 75% of retailers in the USA plan to accept either cryptocurrency or stablecoin payments in the near future. And with crypto already available as a payment option at major South African retailers and even spaza shops, it’s clear that the local market is heading in the same direction.

Ronan Quarmby, CEO at Xion, says approximately 12.5% of South Africa’s population owns cryptocurrency. “With 83% of these owners falling within the 18–44 age group and 52% using crypto for purchases, it’s evident that web3 payments represent the future of online transactions in the country.

With increasing cryptocurrency adoption, South African businesses recognise its potential and 94% of business owners already believe that integrating cryptocurrency payments would be advantageous. As web3 payments continue to evolve rapidly, especially in emerging markets, South Africa is poised to lead the charge in Africa.”

Users can expect a seamless payment process akin to traditional payment methods. After linking their Metamask wallet, the customer will simply scan a QR code on their receipt, check the amount in the Scan to Pay app, select ‘pay with crypto voucher’, and complete the transaction in one click.

In addition to 1-click multi-chain payments, Xion Global’s infrastructure also incorporates robust security features such as AML, KYC, KYB, and KYT to protect against unauthorized funds and deter malicious merchant actions. Furthermore, with their strategic collaboration with Polygon Labs, Xion Global is poised to spearhead the Web3 payments movement in South Africa.

And it’s only the beginning. Says Quarmby: “Xion Global recognised the expansive reach and potential of Scan to Pay, powered by Ukheshe, and this new partnership made absolute sense. The solution will be rolled out in phases. Consumers can benefit from gasless USDT (Polygon) transactions during phase 1, expanding to multi-chain payments in phase 2. Phase 3 will offer cashback rewards, loyalty programs, and discounts at specific Scan to Pay merchants, motivating users to incorporate crypto payments into their daily routines.”

Schoeman says the partnership is another step towards Ukheshe’s ultimate vision of financial inclusion for all South Africans. “As a decentralised form of finance, cryptocurrencies are being embraced by consumers in emerging markets as they help overcome many of the challenges commonly faced when engaging with traditional banks. This partnership merges traditional payment methods with the decentralised world of web3 to reduce transaction fees, enhance incentives, and ultimately increase financial inclusion.”

About Scan to Pay

Scan to Pay powered by Ukheshe, is the transformed Masterpass app offering the same level of security and efficiency. Scan to Pay offers a fresh look and feel, bringing a seamless payment experience to users.

As the largest QR ecosystem in South Africa, Scan to Pay serves six acquirers, 94 PSPs, 14 banks and fintechs, three MNOS, and over 500,000 merchants. This expansive network ensures widespread acceptance and accessibility for users across the country.

Scan to Pay’s mission is to provide a simple, secure, and convenient payment method that unlocks new possibilities for QR payments in South Africa. We empower users to make payments effortlessly across all channels and devices, enabling greater convenience and enhancing the overall payment experience.

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About Ukheshe Technologies

Ukheshe Technologies is a leading fintech enablement partner. With a legacy in enterprise platform delivery of embedded finance, it connects businesses with payment technology that changes lives and uplifts emerging markets. Ukheshe has created an extensive range of microservices that enable rapid digital transaction propositions for clients. Striving for transformation and innovation in the payment industry, Ukheshe adapts and creates components that are scalable, secure and ready to deploy in market leading digital-first propositions.

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For more information about Scan to Pay, powered by Ukheshe contact GinjaNinja: Amanda Chikara,, +2711 568 4338

About Xion Global

Xion Global is a multi-chain Web3 crypto payments gateway. Makin’ it easy to accept and send crypto payments, reward customers with cashback and build loyalty. As a preeminent payments infrastructure provider for Web3 payments, Xion is dedicated to delivering superior decentralized payment solutions to businesses and users globally.

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