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8 min readNov 2, 2023


At Xion Global, we are always striving to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the payments industry. We are incredibly proud to be partnered with Scan to Pay, powered by Ukheshe, to bring cryptocurrency payments into mainstream South Africa.

Why Crypto Payments are the Future

Cryptocurrencies offer a myriad of benefits that are transforming the financial landscape. From faster transactions and lower fees to enhanced security measures, it’s clear why cryptocurrencies are becoming the preferred method of payment for many.

Metamask’s Growing User Base

Metamask has become a household name in the crypto community, with over 21 million monthly active users as of 2022. This growing user base is a clear indicator of the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies, making it the ideal time for our Scan to Pay integration.

The Booming DeFi Market

The decentralized finance (DeFi) market has seen explosive growth, with a total value locked (TVL) exceeding $200 billion. This speaks volumes about the trust and potential that decentralized systems offer.

South Africa’s Thriving QR Code Market

Approximately 30% of South Africa’s population already uses QR codes for transactions. Our partnership aims to elevate this experience by introducing the benefits of Web3 payments.

Scan to Pay’s Extensive Network

Scan to Pay is South Africa’s largest QR ecosystem, boasting over 600,000 vendors and partnerships with 14 banks, fintech firms, and 94 payment service providers. This collaboration opens doors for crypto payments at all your favourite stores, including Engen, Takealot, Pick’nPay and more.

Scan to Pay Goes Web3 with Xion Global!!!

We at Xion Global are elated to power Scan to Pay’s leap into the Web3 universe. Our collaboration is set to redefine the payments experience, offering everything from a seamless Metamask integration to unparalleled security measures. Dive in to explore what we’ve got in store for you!”

Seamless Metamask Integration: Utilising Metamask’s wallet SDK users will be able to seamlessly link their wallet to the Scan to Pay app providing a secure and efficient way to make Web3 multi-chain payments.

A Broad Spectrum of Cryptocurrencies: We are launching with USDT on the Polygon network, with plans to expand the range of supported cryptocurrencies across all networks.

Unmatched User Experience: The Scan to Pay app is designed to offer an intuitive user experience, and our Web3 payment features will be no different.

Advanced Security Measures: Security is a top priority at Xion Global. We employ Know Your Transaction (KYT) protocols to screen wallets both pre and post-transaction, ensuring the utmost security against unauthorized funds and malicious activities.

Phases of Implementation

Xion Global’s API will be rolled out in phases. The first phase will introduce gasless USDT transactions on the Polygon network. The second phase will expand to multi-chain payments, and the third phase will offer exciting cashback rewards, loyalty programs, and discounts at Scan to Pay merchants.

Expansive Reach Across Multiple Industries

The collaboration between Xion Global and Scan to Pay is set to revolutionize not just one, but multiple sectors of the economy. Xion’s Web3 payments infrastructure will seamlessly integrate into a diverse range of industries, offering you the freedom to make crypto payments in numerous settings.

A glimpse into the sectors that will be impacted

Fuel Your Journey at Petrol Stations

Gone are the days of fumbling with cards or cash at petrol stations. Scan to pay with your favourite crypto and get money back for your next refill.

Grocery Shopping Reimagined

Whether you’re picking up a few items or doing a full week’s shopping, you will be able to use crypto for a frictionless checkout experience at all your favourite grocery stores.

The Future of E-Commerce

Online shopping is about to get a whole lot more exciting. Make secure and instant crypto payments on leading SA e-commerce stores.

Dine in Style at Restaurants

Enjoy a meal out without the hassle of splitting bills or waiting for card transactions to process. Just scan to pay and select your preferred crypto at checkout.

Health and Wellness

From pharmacies to fitness centers, you can make crypto payments for your health and wellness needs, ensuring a secure and convenient transaction every time.

Entertainment and Leisure

Whether you’re booking movie tickets, attending a concert, or enjoying a day at an amusement park, crypto will make transactions swift and straightforward.

Travel and Accommodation

From booking flights to reserving hotel rooms, the travel industry will also benefit from a secure and quick crypto payment method, making your trips more rewardable and less stressful.

Home and Lifestyle

Furnishing your home or indulging in lifestyle products? Make a payment in crypto and get more than you bargained for.

By diversifying the industries where crypto payments can be made, we are taking a giant leap towards making cryptocurrencies a part of everyday life, bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

Unparalleled Incentives and Cashback Rewards: A Glimpse into the Future

At Xion Global, we believe that the future of payments should not only be secure and efficient but also rewarding. That’s why we’ve designed a multi-phase rollout plan that culminates in an unparalleled rewards system for our users.

What you can look forward to

Phase 1: Unlock the Xion Mystery Box and Step into a World of Rewards

As we roll out USDT payments on the Polygon network, we’re offering something truly special for our early adopters. Make your first payment with a value of more than R500 in USDT, and you’ll receive a limited Xion Mystery Box, valued at over R3500. But this isn’t just any mystery box; it’s your gateway to a universe of rewards.

The Astronauts: Your Companions in the Xion Universe

Inside each Xion Mystery Box, you’ll unlock one of six unique astronauts, each possessing different superpowers. These aren’t just collectibles; they’re your key to unlocking a range of benefits, including:

  • Passive Income from Transaction Fees: Your astronaut’s superpower enables you to earn a share of transaction fees, providing a steady stream of passive income.
  • Enhanced Cashback: Astronauts come with power to boost your cashback rewards, making your purchases even more rewarding.
  • Compounded Loyalty on Subscriptions: Gain access to higher loyalty levels, offering bigger and better incentives the longer you stay subscribed.

This initial reward serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the rewarding experience that awaits as we continue to roll out new features and benefits.

Phase 2 Rollout: Expanding the Horizons with Multi-Chain Payments

As we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the payments industry, Phase 2 of the rollout plan is designed to be a significant leap forward. This phase will introduce multi-chain payments, allowing users to transact using a variety of cryptocurrencies across multiple blockchain networks.

Why is this important? Multi-chain capability means greater flexibility and choice for end users. No longer will you be confined to a single network; you’ll have the freedom to choose the blockchain that suits your needs, whether it’s for lower transaction fees, faster confirmation times, or access to a specific cryptocurrency.

During this phase, we will be integrating additional blockchains alongside Polygon, such as Avalanche, Linear, Binance Smart Chain, and more. This will enable users to make payments in other popular cryptocurrencies like wETH, wBNB, and various stablecoins, further diversifying the payment options.

But we’re not stopping at just adding more chains and cryptocurrencies. We’re also working on enhancing the user interface to make it as seamless as possible to switch between different networks, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience.

In summary, Phase 2 is all about giving you more choices, more flexibility, and an even more robust platform for all your payment needs. It’s not just an update; it’s an upgrade, setting the stage for the exciting features and rewards that Phase 3 will bring.

Phase 3 Rollout: The Ultimate Rewards Experience

As we ascend to the pinnacle of our multi-phase rollout, Phase 3 is designed to be the pièce de résistance in our rewards ecosystem. Imagine a world where every transaction doesn’t just save you money but earns you money. Yes, you heard that right! We’re talking about up to 100% cashback on your everyday purchases, from your morning coffee and grocery shopping to filling up your gas tank and even your online splurges.

Dynamic Cashback Bonding Curve: Unveiling a sophisticated cashback bonding curve that dynamically adjusts according to liquidity and transaction volume for each cryptocurrency and network. As the network grows and more payments are processed, the available cashback increases, transforming your routine purchases into a wellspring of potential rewards.

Real-Time Rewards Distribution: Experience the thrill of instant gratification with real-time rewards. Upon a successful purchase of any single billing product or service, cashback begins to accrue and is distributed every second over a span of three to six months. Whether you choose to spend it at your go-to retailers or accumulate it for future payments, Xion offers not just rewards but also real-time insights into your earning potential.

Compounded Discounts on Recurring Payments And let’s not forget about compounded discounts on recurring payments. Whether it’s your monthly streaming subscription or your annual gym membership, the longer you stay, the less you pay. It’s that simple.

In a nutshell, Phase 3 isn’t just the next step; it’s a quantum leap in redefining what a rewarding payment experience should be. With Xion Global, every transaction is an opportunity, every purchase a potential windfall. Welcome to the future of payments, where every click could be your ticket to a treasure trove of rewards.

Conclusion: The Future of Payments Starts Now

As we stand on the brink of a new era in payments, our collaboration with Scan to Pay signifies more than just an integration; it’s a transformative leap that promises to redefine the way you transact. With the backing of Metamask’s robust user base, the burgeoning DeFi market, and South Africa’s thriving QR code ecosystem, we are setting the stage for a revolution in payments.

From a seamless Metamask integration, advanced security protocols to a multi-phase rollout plan teeming with unparalleled rewards, we are committed to making every transaction not just a necessity but an opportunity. Whether it’s earning up to 100% cashback on daily purchases or unlocking unique benefits, we are elevating the transactional experience to new heights.

As we continue to innovate and expand our offerings, we invite you to be part of this groundbreaking journey. With Xion Global, the future of payments is not just secure and efficient; it’s extraordinarily rewarding.

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