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3 min readJan 22, 2024
Crypto Asset Service Provider (CASP) & Web3 Payments — South Africa

Johannesburg, 22nd January 2023 — In an era of dynamic financial evolution, Xion Global (PTY) Ltd is at the helm of revolutionizing web3 payments infrastructure in South Africa. With the global cryptocurrency adoption surging, Xion is proactively aligning with South Africa’s regulatory framework for crypto assets. This alignment is especially pivotal as the company prepares for its major rollouts in early 2024.

Understanding a CASP in the South African Context

A Crypto Asset Service Provider (CASP) in South Africa represents a pivotal component in the regulatory landscape of digital currencies. The designation of a business as a CASP signifies its compliance with regulatory standards set forth by South African authorities, primarily focusing on the provision of services related to cryptocurrencies. This includes activities like cryptocurrency exchange services, wallet provision, and other services that facilitate the use and trade of digital assets.

The Crypto Landscape and Forthcoming Rollouts

As of early 2024, the global embrace of cryptocurrency has been remarkable, with over 420 million users and an average crypto ownership rate of 4.2%. This global trend is mirrored in countries like Nigeria, India, and the USA, where cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly mainstream.

In 2024, Xion Global is set to make a significant stride with its first major rollout in South Africa. This rollout, in partnership with a leading QR code provider, marks the beginning of a new chapter in accessible digital payments nationwide, demonstrating the potential of web3 technologies in transforming everyday transactions.

In anticipation of the rollouts and to adhere to the latest regulations, Xion Global has positioned itself to comply with all regulatory requirements imposed by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority, and has submitted its formal application to be recognized as a licensed crypto asset financial service provider (CASP). Because Xion Global submitted this application, and complied with all exemption requirements before 30 November 2023, we are permitted to continue trading legally, and look forward to a favorable result to our application.

We are constantly monitoring and implementing international compliance practices, and AML, KYT, KYB and KYC processes and are dedicated to a culture of operational transparency and accountability.

Web3 Payments Market Q1 2024

Throughout Q1, Xion Global will be concentrating on a broad spectrum of pivotal areas to ensure rapid market adoption in South Africa. These focus areas include Partner Rollouts, Marketing Campaigns, Security, Liquidity, and the highly anticipated release of the Refund, Multi-Chain, & Cash Back APIs. By prioritizing these key aspects, Xion Global is set to strengthen its partnership ecosystem and deploy aggressive marketing strategies to increase its market visibility. Ensuring robust security protocols remains a top priority, as it is essential for building trust and safeguarding digital transactions. Maintaining fluid liquidity will also be crucial for facilitating seamless transactions.

Moreover, the launch of the Refund, Multi-Chain, and Cash Back APIs will mark a significant enhancement in service offerings. The Refund API is will provide a safety net for transactions, thereby increasing consumer confidence. The Multi-Chain technology integration will offer versatility and scalability, catering to diverse customer needs and preferences. Lastly, the innovative Cash Back incentives are designed to attract and retain a more extensive customer base, adding a competitive edge to Xion Global’s offerings.

This comprehensive strategic focus is designed to position Xion Global at the forefront of the rapidly evolving digital economy. With these initiatives, Xion Global is poised to capitalize on emerging market opportunities and establish new benchmarks in the crypto landscape, driving the adoption of digital currency in everyday transactions and setting a precedent for future technological innovations in the financial sector.

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