Xion Web3 Payment Gateway Teaser

Some web3 checkout teasers for our community 🔥🤩

Xion is the next generation of payment portals. Bringing cross chain decentralised payments, loyalty and financial rewards to a global commerce industry. Think ‘Stripe’ for web3 💳 ⛓

We’ve made entering the crypto ecosystem as easy as pie 🥧 Where you can transition from a web2 to web3 environment without even changing your daily shopping habits 🛍

Want to become one of the very first merchants at Xion!?

Then submit your application now before we launch in Q3 👉👉https://qwedxhlp2th.typeform.com/to/ZqLjfymX

Here is a little taste of what is to come in Q3 2021!

Superpowers for Merchants ️🦸‍♀️

Currently, we have 250+ merchants signed up and ready to beta test our solution before it’s released to the public 🏬

They’ll get hands on support to integrate our entire payment and rewards gateway + get a chance to feature their products, services or subscriptions on our Xion Finance marketplace 🛍. Emails will be sent out soon


💳 Accept xDAI stable coin & XGT as crypto payments (More Currencies Coming Soon)

✂️ Cut costs with 0% transaction fees = micro transactions

🏆 Build brand loyalty with compounded subscription discounts

❌ No chargebacks or intermediaries handling your funds

📦 Repeat purchases from up to 100% cashback in crypto

And much more….

If that doesn’t excite you then continue scrolling to see it in action! 👇👇

Time to shine 🤩

Using one of our Shopify stores(Dabble Mart), we going to show you a step by step guide on how we easily added an extra payment method to our product page. In this example, we are creating a checkout button for our Acer Aspire Laptop📱

Step 1:

Created a custom single billing checkout button that included the product price, type, free shipping, responsive sizing and more 🏷 All within the seamless commerce platform 🎨

Step 2:

Clicked “Copy Script” to get the 2 lines of code that will be pasted in our online store. “Main code”(Javascript) is pasted in the footer of our website (once off for all products) and the “Checkout Button Code”(HTML) on our Acer Aspire product page to show the checkout button + shopping cart 🏗

Step 3:

Now check out this beauty of a checkout button! It automatically updates when you edit it on the commerce platform and even comes with a funky shopping cart that’ll be shown in our next teaser 😉 The consumer now clicks “Add to cart”, checks he’s getting 100% cashback in crypto and proceeds to checkout 🛒

Step 4:

Now because he recently purchased a product from another merchant using the same Xion checkout, his details are automatically populated to instantly checkout with his credit/debit card or crypto 💳 🛍

Decentralized Hosted Checkout

He completed his purchase, was sent an email with his order confirmation and was directed to the commerce platform to manage his order with ease 📦

A simple but significant web3 checkout 🛍


That was just a pinch of what we’ve created at Xion, wait until you see consumers using XGT as payment 💥 🚀

We(The Xion Team) couldn’t be more excited to be releasing our one of a kind decentralized payment and rewards gateway shortly after our IDO!! It’s been sleepless nights, starry eyes and constant conversion tests to make sure we release the funkiest checkout in town 💃

An SDK is also in the roadmap to make it even easier to integrate into all the different kinds of e-commerce platforms: Shopify, Wordpress, WooCommerce…




One Click to DeFi & Commerce Crypto Payments

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One Click to DeFi & Commerce Crypto Payments

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