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Xion Global
3 min readJul 18, 2022

In the past few months, both clients, partnerships and funding have entered the Xion ecosystem at a remarkable pace. Never mind the current crypto market sentiment, the Xion Global team consistently strives forward to deliver on our Web3 crypto payments vision.

Due to the exponential deal flow that will be announced in the coming weeks, Xion Global has dedicated majority of the development team to API related tasks. All in preparation for the vast amount of clients that Xion Global will be integrating within Q3/Q4.

API Development Update

Let’s start off with Xion’s no code and Web3 checkout button integrations that our current clients use to accept crypto payments.

  1. Payment Links (Share & accept crypto payments via a Xion hosted checkout)
  2. Web3 checkout buttons (Embed into websites to accept crypto payments via a Xion hosted checkout)

Simple and easy to integrate, companies can customise their Web3 checkout buttons to suit the look and feel of their website and/or app for increased conversion rates.

Now onto the more exciting API integration news for the extensive client base entering the Xion ecosystem

Metaverses, gaming, marketplaces, casinos and other relatable industries are waiting in anticipation to integrate Xion’s API driven crypto payments solution. Currently, the Xion team is testing a wide range of APIs to accommodate all the various payment types, loyalty programs, user authentication for seamless Web3 wallet (custodial/non-custodial) onboarding experiences and several payment related web hooks.

Once the APIs have been battle tested, a JS SDK will be developed alongside specific tech stacks to accommodate Xion’s client requirements. This will give Xion’s clients the ability to integrate Xion’s crypto payment solution into their UI/UX for the optimal crypto checkout experience across multiple chains.

Furthermore, to ensure a smooth onboarding and integration process for our clients, API documentation will be provided to support their technical needs. According to Aeryn Quarmby, COO and founder at Xion Global, “If you’ve integrated Stripe’s API’s before for fiat payments, then this will be a breeze for crypto payments integration”.

Technology Partnerships

Based on client volume integrating Xion’s API driven crypto payments solution, it’s time to scale up liquidity, chains, wallet providers and overall security to support the growing Xion environment.

With this in mind, Xion is in the process of implementing the following technological advancements within our crypto payments infrastructure:

  • Major Blockchain Network Partnership (Shifting core payments chain to increase liquidity, marketing & overall support)
  • Wallet/Transactional Screening Providers (Pre/Post crypto payments)
  • White Labelled Custodial Wallet Provider (High crypto payments volume — Merchant/Consumer accounts)
  • Scaling Non-Custodial Email Wallet Provider (Seamless Web3 wallet creation provider scaling to 4200 new users per min via email signups)
  • Bridging/Liquidity Partnership 1–1 Checkout (Increased crypto payment methods & multi-party 1–1 crypto stable coin settlement)
  • Fiat<>Crypto Payment Provider (On/off ramping for traditional market)

All of these technology partner integrations accelerate Xion’s roadmap and will be publicly announced within the next few weeks and months to come.

Funding & Client Partnerships

Furthering the technology advancements coming into Xion Global, the overall demand for our solution has been noted by industry leading conglomerates.

The projected transactional volume for Xion based on inbound deal-flow is estimated at $4.5 billion dollars in crypto payments. This is a monumental increase in transactional volume for Xion, with an increase in the amount of traditional users that will be onboarded seamlessly via email into the Web3 payments domain.

On top of the surge in signed client integrations, Xion has also signed a remarkable funding deal that will accommodate our big plans for Web3 payments adoption and expansion.

Founders of Xion, Ronan & Aeryn Quarmby had this to say; “We’ve been silently building our Web3 crypto payments infrastructure, but now it’s time for the masses to easily pay using the crypto of their choice and for merchants to accept immediate stable coin payouts.”

About Xion Global

Xion Global is a multi-chain Web3 crypto payments gateway. Makin’ it easy to accept and send crypto payments, reward customers with cash back and build loyalty. The first of its kind, Xion’s payment and rewards solution offers endless payment opportunities for a wide range of online businesses.

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