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Introducing the Next Generation of Crypto Payment Solutions from Xion Global

As the world of crypto payments continues to evolve, Xion Global is proud to announce that we have successfully migrated our entire ecosystem to the Polygon Mumbai testnet.

We are now in the final stages of testing before deploying to the Polygon mainnet, bringing our merchants a host of new and exciting crypto payment options.

The Power of Polygon: USDT and WMATIC

As part of this migration, we will be utilizing USDT (Polygon) for all merchant payouts, in addition to XGT payments.

We are also excited to announce that WMATIC will be added shortly after the production release on Polygon, providing our merchants with even more crypto payment options such as; BTC, ETH, USDT (Polygon), USDT (Ethereum), LTC, DASH, XRP, XGT, WMATIC, BCH...

By leveraging the power of the Polygon network, we are able to provide faster and cheaper transactions for our merchants, while also increasing the overall scalability and security of our platform.

API Dashboard: The Key to Seamless and Secure Integration

To make integration even easier and more secure for our merchants, we are also releasing an API dashboard near the end of February 2023.

This powerful tool will allow merchants to generate API keys and secrets for single billing crypto payments on their own UI. Our API is language-agnostic, making it accessible to all of our metaverse, gaming, and casino clients.

The API dashboard will also include detailed documentation and code samples to ensure that the integration process is as smooth as possible.

One of the key features of the API dashboard is the ability for merchants to whitelist specific domains for API usage. This added security measure ensures that only authorized websites and apps can access and utilize the APIs for processing crypto payments.

In addition, we will also be rolling out APIs for recurring crypto payments, loyalty, and cashback. This will provide our merchants with even more options for accepting and processing crypto payments on their platform.

The team is also working on a SDK (Software Development Kit) to streamline the integration process and provide a more immersive shopping experience for our gaming clients, with a 3D checkout that links to our APIs.

Multi-Chain Prototype: Decentralized and Flexible Payment Solutions

We are also allocating resources to build a multi-chain prototype for checkout.

This revolutionary prototype will utilize bridging and DEX protocols to increase the overall crypto payment options within checkout, while also decentralizing the flow of crypto payment funds throughout the Xion Global ecosystem.

This will provide our merchants with more flexibility and security when it comes to accepting and processing crypto payments.


Last but not least, Xion Global is also excited to announce that XGT V3 will be released around the same time as our other updates.

XGT V3 will include new features for payments, staking, NFTs, and more, providing our merchants and users with even more options for utilizing our platform.

The exact same XGT V2 tokenomics will apply to XGT V3 and announcements will be made prior to any XGT V3 deployments from the Xion Finance team.


By providing a comprehensive and flexible crypto payment solution, Xion Global is positioning itself at the forefront of the industry.

We are committed to working with our community and partners to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible with crypto payments.

Timeline of Upcoming Releases:

  • End of February 2023: Production release on Polygon mainnet and API dashboard release
  • End of March 2023: Multi-chain prototype and additional APIs

We invite all of our merchants and partners to join us on this journey as we continue to shape the future of crypto payments. Together, we can create a more seamless and secure experience for all.

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