Xion Finance Update & XGT V3 Airdrop Details — 09 Feb 2023

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Get ready to experience the power of Xion Finance and XGT like never before!

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of XGT V3, which will run exclusively on the Polygon Network.

For those who are currently holding, staking, or providing liquidity on BNB Chain and Gnosis Chain, the time has come to unstake your XGT in preparation for a highly anticipated snapshot. The Xion team will take a snapshot of all XGT holders on both chains at a date to be announced soon, which will lead to an exciting airdrop of the new XGT V3 to all XGT V2 holders.

Get ready for an exciting journey with Xion Finance and XGT V3!

XGT V3 Info

The XGT V3 token will be the same total supply but with more features to increase security, lifetime value and overall utility for the token.

It will be a 1:1 token swap from XGT V2 to XGT V3, however your XGT V2 tokens will not be burnt but instead disregarded as any liquidity and utility will be moved to Polygon for XGT V3.

This move was made with the goal of creating a stable environment for all XGT holders and enabling new exciting features like crypto staking with payments and more. Get ready to experience the full potential of XGT V3!

Tokenomics (Same as XGT V2 but with less circl. supply & one network):

Total Supply: 1 Billion
Circulating Supply: TBA
Main Network: Polygon Network
Polygon DEX: TBA
Allocations: Same as XGT V2
Freezing: Same as XGT V2
XGT V2 Liquidity: remaining XGT V2/XDAI & XGT V2/BNB liquidity will be moved to a XGT V3/USDT Polygon liquidity pool
Rewards: any unclaimed XGT V2 staking rewards on Xion Finance or Elk Finance must be claimed before the snapshot date TBA. Use the instructions below to unstake your XGT V2 and claim your rewards. For Elk Finance related rewards, head to Elk to claim.

Snapshot Details:

Date of Snapshot: 6 March 2023–7 March 2023
XGT V2: XGT V2 transfers will be paused indefinitely across BNB Chain & Gnosis Chain and all XGT V2 holders will have their XGT V2 holdings snapshotted to record their XGT V2 holdings in preparation for XGT V3 airdrop
XGT V3 DEX Listing: 1:1 XGT V3 airdropped to XGT V2 holders when XGT V3 is listed on a Polygon DEX

XGT V2 > XGT V3 Migration Steps

This is a simple step by step guide to unstake and/or remove your XGT V2 liquidity from Xion Finance:

  1. Unstake your XGT V2 & XGT V2 LP tokens from both BNB Chain & Gnosis Chain using the instructions below
  2. Remove your liquidity from the XGT V2 pools on Pancakeswap (BNB Chain) and/or Honeyswap (Gnosis Chain)

How to Unstake XGT V2

Here are manual instructions on how to unstake/withdraw your XGT V2 and XGT V2 LP tokens from the Xion Finance staking pools on BNB Chain and Gnosis Chain:

Steps to unstake/withdraw your XGT:

  • Click on the contract link provided for each staking pool
  • Connect your wallet (For BNB Chain click “Connect to Web3” at top left of all functions of contract, for Gnosis Chain click “write” on withdraw function and wallet will connect automatically)
  • Click on “write” in the withdrawAll function
  • Approve the transaction with your wallet
  • XGT and/or XGT LP + any accrued XGT rewards will be withdrawn from the staking contract back into your wallet

1. XGT Single Asset Staking (BNB Chain)


2. XGT/BNB Staking


22. withdrawAll

3. XGT Single Asset Staking (Gnosis Chain)


4. XGT/XDAI Staking

21. withdrawAll

If you cannot connect your wallet to withdraw your XGT and/or XGT LP stake on either Gnosis Chain or BNB Chain, submit your wallet address here for our dev team to withdraw your tokens into your wallet address for you: https://forms.gle/6kspvHiLqsUaJfEV8

How to Remove your XGT V2 Liquidity

To remove your XGT V2 liquidity on either Gnosis Chain and/or BNB Chain, use the below links:

Gnosis Chain (Honeyswap): https://app.honeyswap.org/#/add/0xc25af3123d2420054c8fcd144c21113aa2853f39/0xe91d153e0b41518a2ce8dd3d7944fa863463a97d?chainId=100

BNB Chain (Pancakeswap): https://pancakeswap.finance/add/BNB/0xC25AF3123d2420054c8fcd144c21113aa2853F39

Xion Finance uses the same liquidity pools as both Pancakeswap and Honeyswap.

Xion Finance Website Update

At Xion Finance, we are thrilled to announce that we are undergoing exciting changes in preparation for the highly anticipated Polygon Network and XGT V3!

We are putting in all our efforts to ensure Xion Finance is fully equipped and ready to deliver seamless experiences with the new V3 update.

Despite the challenges faced in the current bear market, we remain committed to excellence in everything we do and can’t wait to bring Xion Finance to the Polygon Network.

Stay tuned for more updates on Xion Finance in the coming weeks!

About Xion Finance

Xion Finance is a next-generation launchpad, staking and DEX aggregator protocol that streamlines investment and trading. With its cutting-edge bridging solutions, the platform offers frictionless multi-chain swaps with zero slippage and lucrative staking opportunities. Xion is your gateway to the top metaverse and gaming Initial DEX Offerings, providing seamless investment options.

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