Xion Finance BiWeekly Update

Where We Are Today

We at Xion Finance are humbled by our growth since our initial launch in the DeFi marketplace on July 7th 2021. With our host of liquidity protocols testing 150% APY for our users, we often reflect on how these margins are being sustained on our network. The basis of our APY is to actionably display our appreciation to our community for maintaining the health of the Xion Ecosystem.

Sustainable Scalability Is Key to Xion’s Success

However, to assure these out of normalized APY ranges stay secure and sustainable, our network requires constant knowledge updates. What we mean is that sustainability is derived from our users truly understanding how and why we employ strategies for filtering and capitalizing on certain passive income protocols, so that they feel comfortable validating our network. By understanding the inner workings in a transparent and concise sense, internalized trust tends to increase within the ecosystem. Often in response that investor symbolizes their faith in the company by inputting more currency to assist in its flourishment, thereby assuring more security and sustainability.

Our Trailblazing Efforts Going Forward

In respect to all this, here is one of our actionable ways to educate our community: A Bi-weekly update regarding the most pertinent upcoming updates within the Xion ecosystem, along with a full list of the exact path we are trailblazing on a daily basis.

However, before all the technicalities; We know much of our active Xion ecosystem is already aware of the pinnacle moment on July 17, but for newcomers we are absolutely blessed to tell you that our native token (XGT) was the most visited token on CoinMarketCap.com (sitting beside CoinGecko as the largest search query cryptocurrency platform globally).

Back to tech, we have several updates we should discuss as it pertains to maximizing monetary gains within the Xion Finance ecosystem. Additionally, we want to prove to you our current developmental traction in the marketplace, and in that respect, we have a particular industry partnership that we are especially excited to announce!

Scalability from a Quantitative Perspective

As far as pertinent financial and community information to know, as of July 18th the Xion ecosystem had 2.32mil volume within the network, $155k distributed in profit to our community of 130 users that has locked in liquidity to maintain the networks’ activity. In less than 2 weeks, those numbers changed to 3.36mil volume, $170k DeFi rewards distributed, and 203 liquidity providers. While we are scaling up quickly within the marketplace, we will assure a large treasury of internalized funds provided by ourselves to ensure buffering capabilities under any time periods of relative financial scarcity, so as to promote sustainable scalability for the long-term.

Variability in Liquidity Providence for Our Users

An important update for our liquidity providers; We promised seamless cross-chain compatibility and here it is! Those who have already accrued 150% APY on their liquidity investment are now no longer restricted to withdrawal methods solely from the xDAI chain, but instead can all be done under the BSC chain. That means anyone with a Metamask or Binance Chain Wallet can undergo the simple steps to become a liquidity provider and receive their daily earnings directly into their wallet of choice.

Partnership of a Lifetime

As of July 13, we have received full backing by SkyVisionCap and are happy to add them to our list of partners including GD10 Ventures, Certik, Dark Pool Liquidity among others.


We are absolutely ecstatic about the progression of our ecosystem thus far; This is a time where our community can sit back and relax while our Liquidity protocols secure APY at a level of sustainable security that is simply not attainable anywhere else in DeFi currently.

Thank you to the Xion community for making all this happen, as we know this network couldn’t exist without your gracious help and commitment of validating and providing liquidity to the Xion ecosystem! We would love for anyone more interested in our underlying technology to see our whitepaper here.

Stay tuned for the payment gateway release!



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