Xion Finance BiWeekly Update: August 19th/2021

What Xion Finance Already Provides in the Ecosystem

We at Xion Finance are incredibly proud to be providing Web 3.0 services of this scale to all of our community. We have already successfully implemented various features that provide benefits exclusive to what’s available within the rest of DeFi and conventional finances. This includes a 0% cost per transaction, no chargebacks through flawless algorithmic fund movements, providing our merchants up to 15% interest accrual on their money gained from purchased products within their online shop, regular timeline intervals where consumers get up to 100% cashback on their purchases, and a 150% APY for our liquidity pools that are withdrawable daily.

How Can Xion Provide These DeFi Services?

Having these types of amenities was not by mistake or by simply luck of the draw during development, it was through meticulous consideration of every component of our design before including it into our network. In that respect, we are excited to go over our 2nd ever Bi-Weekly Update with our loyal community, so as they know exactly the trajectory of our game-changing efforts, and will be first to know of all the new tech that is being inputted into our ecosystem!

Regular Xion Shoppers Get Web3-Level Rewards

Our highly sought-after Loyalty Subscription Program is soon to become a reality within our network! The Loyalty Subscription Program, we believe, will revolutionize how industry considers regular shoppers on their platform. With amplified discounts to purchases through the Xion-created advent of ‘compounded discounts’, and a host of other features not seen in other conventional loyalty programs, Xion Finance seeks to prioritize loyal customers and does so by providing them leveraging power within our network for further product purchases.

Every Xion Feature Gets Battle Tested Before Implementation

As of July 31 20201, using Sokol as a testnet environment, we are currently ironing out all the tweaks and bugs within the algorithm to assure that once the Loyalty Subscription Program is on Xion Finance, it will be a streamlined and profitable experience for all of our users.

Xion Will Appear Across Major Shopping E-Commerce Sites Around the Globe

Second, our Web3 Hosted Checkout completion is just around the corner! With the Web3 Hosted Checkout, anyone can use Xion Finance’s ultra-low transaction fees and payment speed alongside any popular shopping platform that contains the Hosted Checkout, such as Shopify or Amazon. We made sure that this Hosted Checkout was incredibly easy and non-intrusive for any one website to input it into their platform, and will also receive a portion of transaction fees which act as incentivization to have our Web3 Hosted Checkout available on their website!

Creating Industry Leading DeFi Applications Requires Time and Patience

While we are working tirelessly to make all these new product lines as secure and effective for our community, we want to put forth the importance of having patience in this venture! While we are closing in on completion for a lot of our features, the reality of DeFi is that to create tamper-free and highly efficient algorithms to govern a network that’s adaptable for every community member, a lot of variables both from the human perspective and from the technical financial side must be considered.

From the perspective of our Tier 1 Coding Developers, they note “Just 1 action can result in 10 different outcomes” and that statement becomes ever so real within high quality Web3 DeFi applications. We are in this for the long haul, and expect to be the main hub for DeFi shopping in the near future, and that doesn’t happen simply on a whim!

Stay Tuned for More Updates

Thank you to all of our community who is currently supporting us through staking and providing liquidity to our network! For anyone else interested in contributing, it may delight you to know that our xDAI & BSC liquidity pools are still securely dealing out 150% APY to our users; Acting as an actionable thank you to our early supporters!

To learn more about our underlying technology, check out our website and whitepaper.

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