Xion Astronaut NFTs Pre-Sale on Multi-Pad, Babylons & Launchzone

The Xion Astronaut NFTs Pre-Sale will be launching on these first 3 launchpads: Multi-Pad, Babylons & Launchzone 🚀

Xion Astronaut NFTs are a collection of 10,000 unique 3D avatars living on the blockchain. Collect 1 of 6 Xion Astronaut NFTs in a randomised rarity Mystery Box on any of the selected launchpads and get access to a digital world of opportunities!

Each Astronaut NFT will give you the ultimate business superpowers to earn a passive income from transaction fees, build loyalty points to participate in IDOs, shop online or build a Metaverse business in a variety of partnered metaverses such as: Chillville, Paxworld, Solchicks & more! The choice is yours…


Access to Exclusive Events, Guaranteed Access To IDOs/INOs, Metaverse Avatars for Play-to-Earn, Land & Vehicles, 3D Metaverse stores, Branded Wearables, Earn Rocket Fuel Streaks, Exchange Rocket Fuel for Mystery Boxes & Much More!

👨‍🚀 Xion Astronaut NFTs Pre-Sale Details 🚀

Collect 1 of 6 Xion Astronaut NFTs in a randomised rarity Mystery Box and get access to a digital world of opportunities!

ℹ️ Learn more ℹ️

✍️ Steps to buy a Xion Astronaut NFT Mystery Box:

  1. Join discord & complete the steps to get whitelisted: https://discord.gg/9rfHTJJfkz
  2. Purchase your Xion Mystery Box for $125 on any of the launchpads mentioned below 👇👇👇
  3. Claim your Xion Mystery Box on: https://xion.finance/nft
Multi-Pad (16th Feb at 8:30 UTC)

MultiPad is a community-governed decentralized multi-chain powered launchpad, enabling upcoming promising projects to raise funds. MultiPad will also partner with these projects and help them with marketing, go-to-market strategies, technical advice and assistance wherever needed.

Join their community:
Website | Telegram | Twitter

Babylons (16th Feb at 12:00 UTC)

Babylons is the first community-governed NFT marketplace and the leading blockchain game aggregator on the BSC, with its 100+ gaming partners and a young and active following of gamefi enthusiasts.

For its gaming partners, Babylons offers Initial NFT Offering (INO) hosting and secondary sales services tailored to their exact needs. Babylons has a vibrant gaming community that is eager to participate in new gaming projects’ private, public token offerings & IDOs; while the platform aims to democratize this process with its innovative mechanisms.

Join their community:
Website | Telegram | Twitter

Launchzone (23rd Feb at 1pm UTC)

LZ Pad is the on-chain platform for crypto startups to raise funds through the process called IDO (Initial Dex Offering). Only those who lock $LZ for Diamond Hand Round, LZ Membership Clubs, winners of the whitelist challenge or whitelisted LZ Heroes have the right to participate in IDO.

Join their community:
Website | Telegram | Twitter

About Xion

By combining the irresistible perks of a Web3 environment, cross-chain capability, loyalty programs and cashback rewards, Xion readies itself to be the game-changer in the global e-commerce and finance industries. Essentially, Xion aims to be a Web3 Stripe facilitating crypto payments for thousands of merchants and their customers when they shop online and at almost zero costs.

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/9rfHTJJfkz



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