$XGT Stellar Tokenomics, Unmatched E-commerce Utility

Amid exceptional market conditions, an abundance of hollow tokens are launched and even receive varying degrees of success. These ‘hollow tokens’ are tokens that provide little to no value or utility to their holders. Xion Finance believes that a token should be the life force of a blockchain-based company’s business model and provide diverse value to all. Thus, when formulating the unique characteristics of $XGT, we made utility toward our payment portal and users the priority.

Today, let’s examine how $XGT fuels our e-commerce revolution through cashback incentives, NFT Farming, and massive discounts on your online shopping.

$XGT and The Premier Cashback System

One of the most profound features we can offer due to blockchain technology and $XGTs DeFi characteristics is up to 100% cashback on purchases that occur through stores equipped with the XF payment portal. When users make a purchase with a credit card or xDAI, they are eligible for our cashback rewards system. This system is dictated by the TVL in liquidity and scales like this.

Once the first 100,000 shoppers are rewarded with 100% cashback, we will implement a bonding curve where rewards are reduced based on the demand for cashback from our valued community. Lastly, to propagate a healthy price dynamic for $XGT, Every time you purchase a product with XGT, 1% of that XGT will be locked(duration of the liquidity pools) before its sent to the merchant. Overall, this will raise the price floor of $XGT, changing the landscape of online shopping forever and for the better.

NFT Farming For All and Farming in Reality?

NFTs have taken the world by storm in recent months, with their total transactional value exceeding $1 billion. They are a fantastic way to protect the authenticity of art. However, we use NFTs as much more than digital art; we have eclipsed the status quo by implementing NFTs that act more like playing cards than mere art. As a result, our NFTs provide power-ups to our users and, more specifically, our liquidity providers.

When investors provide liquidity(farm), they become eligible for monthly rewards in the form of NFTs. These NFTs provide power-ups to farmers that increase discounts on their online shopping. The best NFTs are offered to our ‘Legendary’ farmers; learn how you can become legendary. Although, our farmers have the opportunity to have a far more significant impact than just discount accrual.

When you enter our NFT reforestation farm, you can become a real tree farmer. This pool provides you with a 20% APY boost and points every month to be exchanged for NFTs. The NFT you acquire is directly proportional to the number of trees planted, and you receive an APY of 200% for 24 months as an incentive for helping us solve the food crisis in Haiti and Tanzania. To learn more about how to join this program, check out this article.

*all NFTs from our V1 Token will be migrated to V2 and honoured

Discounts through $XGT

Stores equipped with our online payment portal are already reaping the rewards of cheaper payment processing. Therefore, they have the remarkable ability to provide the best prices to customers due to increased margins. This is the hidden way that XF reduces costs to customers.

However, through smart contracts, our platform facilitates discount protocols that are significantly more in-depth. By holding $XGT, you become eligible for our compounding subscription discount. Through this feature, we further bolster the price floor of our token by providing significant value to holders in the form of a 6 tier discount structure.

Overall, stores utilizing our payment portal will be able to offer a more inclusive global shopping experience.


Our tokenomics were created with longevity in mind. Our 10-year release structure controls inflation while Xion expands in its earliest stages to protect investor interest. Further, our team tokens are locked for 48 months because we believe in Xion as a long-term growth company.

About Xion

We are the next generation of payment portals. Bringing payments, loyalty and financial rewards to a global commerce industry. Think ‘Stripe’ for web3

Now backed by some of the most renowned ventures in the industry: Twin Apex, CVVC, Lupa X Capital, SkyVision Capital, DarkPool, Metrix Capital and more!



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