$XGT Listing on LBank - Recap

Xion Finance has recently listed our native $XGT token on LBank, an exchange ranked #21 by transparency and volume on Nomics. It was a big success on expanding token holders across chains, price stability and overall increased volume for $XGT.

This may appear to be Xion’s big announcement, but it is far from it. Get ready for more exchange listings and partnerships coming soon.

$XGT Recap

$XGT went live with a XGT/USDT (ETH Mainnet) trading pair at 6pm (UTC+8) on LBank.

Here are some statistics on the overall listing and $XGT:

  • Opening price was $0.009
  • All Time High $0.016
  • Ranked “A” for 100% Transparent Volume on Nomics (based on the amount of volume deemed “trustworthy” and high quality)
  • Ranked Top 5% in Price Sentiment and Top 5% in Social Sentiment on Certik Skynet Intelligence Engine

As you can see by the CertiK report, $XGT is doing remarkably well on social sentiment, security, price sentiment and overall $XGT trading stability during these uncertain markets.

As the volume and price appreciation of $XGT grows, so do the token holders and overall community seeking to use $XGT as a form of payment and/or staking utility.

What’s next for $XGT

As stated above, the LBank exchange listing was a small piece of what is to come… It’s now time to prepare yourself for the following big announcements:

  • Second Exchange Listing
  • Exponential Funding Deal
  • Remarkable Blockchain Technology Partnership
  • Signed Clients for Integrating Xion Global’s Crypto Payments Infrastructure (Projected clients tx volume per annum- $4+ Billion USD)
  • And Much More!

With all that in mind, keep your eyes open for the latest news on Xion Finance and Xion Global to get the first scoop on all the big news!

Upcoming Xion Twitter Spaces

Make sure to join the Xion founders every week on our Twitter Spaces to get all the latest news on product developments, clients, traction, $XGT exchange listings and stand a chance to win some awesome prizes!

A Twitter Spaces event will be held tomorrow July 22nd at 2PM UTC.

Head Here to Join on Twitter: https://twitter.com/xionfinance/status/1549819451142508544?s=20&t=EHxwjl0pwCZUl2gTEOy-aQ

About Xion Finance

Xion Finance is a DEX aggregator, staking and multi-chain launchpad protocol. Leveraging industry leading multi-chain bridging solutions for zero slippage swaps, high yielding staking opportunities and seamless investment allocations into top tier metaverse and gaming IDOs.

Backed by industry leading VCs: GD 10 Ventures, Twin Apex, Lupa X Capital, Metrix Capital, SkyVision Capital & more!

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/vzyT2kqtJT

About Xion Global

Xion Global is a multi-chain Web3 crypto payments gateway. Makin’ it easy to accept and send crypto payments, reward customers with cash back and build loyalty. The first of its kind, Xion’s payment and rewards solution offers endless payment opportunities for a wide range of online businesses.



Decentralised Crypto Payments & DeFi

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