What Has Been Going on Behind the Scenes At Xion?

We have been having a field day at Xion, the next-generation payments platform for e-commerce. Thus, we have decided to touch base with our users on what has been going on behind the scenes including our accomplishments in the last few weeks for Finance & Global.

First on the list of our accomplishments is Xion’s partnership with LuxFi. Xion recently partnered with LuxFi, an NFT marketplace where anyone can create NFTs backed by real-world luxury assets for buying, selling and investing in the LuxFi ecosystem. Our collaboration with LuxFi will allow us to pivot the NFT initiative we are preparing for our platform. $XGT token holders will be able to use the token as a payment means on LuxFi’s NFT marketplace.

Given that Xion is an e-commerce-focused platform, partnering with LuxFi will add value to the XGT ecosystem, providing more real-world utility for the token. Ahead of its upcoming official launch in December, LuxFi held a special NFT Auction & Lucky Draw in which Xion members had access to 3x extra lottery tickets by using the code: XION3

Xion Global successfully pivoted the alpha launch of its payments platform in late August. At the Alpha testing, we ran some internal tests for two weeks to identify and fix bugs as well as add new features. We stress-tested some functions on the payments platforms such as single & recurring orders Resubscribe, activate, pause & unsubscribe in my orders, archive, restore, activate & pause in management, mass email deliveries (order confirmations, subscription statuses, renewals, failed transactions, loyalty program level upgrades & downgrades etc), ongoing subscription renewals, multiple subscription contract deposits & withdrawals, freezer contract XGT locks.

New features that were added include improved transaction & product management, rebill & process IDs to manage simultaneous transactions, recurring fallbacks and on-chain subscription status updates

In late September, we rolled out a beta launch for the payments platform. During our beta launch, we featured a few merchants who were selected to test the platform and provide feedback on their experience. The momentum that followed the beta launch was great that we recorded over 300 merchants. Create Checkout Buttons Create Payments Links Manage & View Orders Accept xDAI & XGT

However, Xion Global was only able to select a few people. During the beta launch, we obtained feedback and suggestions from the listed merchants on the platform’s UI/UX, improvements and bugs. The beta launch is still ongoing to give us enough room to prepare for the general launch coming soon. Our native token XGT and stablecoin xDAI are the only currencies available during the beta launch, but we are excited to announce that other payment options like ETH, BTC will be released soon. Announcement to follow shortly.

In early September, we organized a staking competition for our users to celebrate the launch of our single asset staking and auto-compounding pool. For the competition, we promised to distribute $1250 worth of BNB to 10 users who staked the highest amount of $XGT and completed some other tasks. We are glad to announce that the competition has ended and 10 lucky winners were selected and have been issued their rewards in BNB.

In the same month, $XGT staking went live on Xion Finance. $XGT is Xion’s utility and governance token. Users will be able to use the token to purchase items on the e-commerce platforms that we have partnered with. Aside from this, users can now stake their token to earn more $XGT with up to 150% APY and an auto-compounding feature. The auto-compounding feature will help users harvest and restake their assets. Users can purchase $XGT on popular DEX, Pancakeswap using the token contract address and afterwards connect their wallet to stake on Xion Finance.

Xion is ready to change the scope of payments on e-commerce platforms by combining the irresistible perks of a Web3 environment, cross-chain capability, loyalty programs and cashback rewards. In the coming months, Xion Global & Xion Finance will be pivoting more features and partnerships for the platforms and the $XGT token.

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