Top 10 Launchpads for Crypto Projects in 2022

Crypto launchpads, or IDO platforms as they are sometimes known, are places where new crypto projects can find decentralized fundraising and development tools. These platforms allow ordinary small-scale investors to take advantage of the kinds of crypto investing opportunities that are usually reserved for investment corporations and wealthy private investors. Of course, not all IDO launchpads are created equal. If you want to invest in crypto projects, you need to find the best IDO launchpads for the job. Here is a list of the top launchpads.

Xion Finance’s unique offering is something that every IDO launchpad investor should be aware of. Its multi-chain DeFi farming protocol gives investors early access to a wide variety of projects in the private or pre-sale rounds, and that’s often a good stage to get involved at. Once a new project shows promising early results, it attracts the kind of attention that increases the value of its token, rewarding the early investors. Xion Finance’s staking levels are designed for investors of every kind, from small time investors to wealthy venture capitalists. The low minimum staking requirements mean no barrier to entry for everyday investors. The wide range of cryptocurrencies that investors can use to purchase, as well as generous cash back incentives and up to 300% APY rewards, make it a rather attractive IDO platform for investors at every level.

BSCPad is another one for smaller investors to consider, because of its way of dealing with the staking problem. You see, the users of most crypto launchpads have a hard time getting the tokens needed to participate in the crypto ecosystem. Competition is stiff, making the initial number needed rather high. Out of reach for some smaller investors. Even staking the tokens might not be enough for an allocation. BSCPad uses a two round system that is designed to give every tier an allocation. This makes it an attractive option for smaller businesses, freelance investors, and non-profit organizations.

TrustPad is one of the safest multi-chain IDO platforms around. It takes steps to keep the funds of early investors safe. It’s also a lot easier to use than a lot of other IDO platforms. New traders will be able to learn about the operations that the transactions are based on. This is a good platform for smaller investors who want to play it safe while learning more about crypto investing.

Seedify gives investors early access to new crypto projects that need to raise cash, letting them buy in at the launch prices. It is governed by community decisions. Entrepreneurs submit their ideas and whatever work they have completed, and the Seedify community votes on their initial fund. This platform could be good for people looking to get in right on the ground floor of new projects and who would prefer the community decisions as apposed to taking risks on their own.

DAO Maker is a retail-oriented platform that lowers investor risks while assisting with the development of new growth technologies. It provides a good way to reach a lot of users and it integrates easily with WalletConnect, MetaMask, Ronin, Wanchain, and other such platforms.

Bounce is a DeFi auction solution IDO platform that would work well for people who want to collect, create and trade NFTs, tokens and other assets. It operates on multiple blockchains and allows creators to launch auctions. Its developers’ tool set is truly comprehensive and lets users easily benefit from decentralization.

Game-Fi is a launchpad specifically for games and NFT marketplaces. It handles the technical end of things, so that users can easily get started without a lot of know-how. It also has a high dividend for stakes and a good return on investment.

Starpunk’s goal is to help NFT- and blockchain-related gaming startups get off the ground by connecting them with investors and players. Its business model is to eventually create a large network of play-to-earn (P2E) games and an easy method for creators to add to it. It features auctions, wallets, DeFi services and more.

Red Kite helps investors get involved in new projects’ transparent token sales. The company has a lot of marketing partners that it uses to help new products raise the capital they need and have the kinds of launches they hope for. It supports both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum pools.

Users of the PAID Network, a decentralized application platform, can set their own payment policies. It uses simple business contracts with an auto-fill feature that is signed on-chain. It also uses lending, borrowing and other DeFi tools. The PAID Network is compatible with Binance Smart Chain, Apollo-X Launchpad, Ethereum and other popular platforms.


Cryptocurrency investors love the accessibility and security of IDO platforms. Using these platforms, anyone can get started investing in new crypto projects, not just the wealthy and large corporations. These IDO platforms give investors the kind of early access to new projects that can really give great returns if the project takes off. It also makes it easy to invest in many new projects, increasing the odds of a successful investment..



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