The Truth Behind the Most Seamless Crypto Shopping Experience Ever, Powered by Xion Finance

Unimaginable Potential Only Xion Sees

We at Xion Finance (XF) were aware of this critical missing piece in the space, and have formulated a solution to seamlessly allow the symbiotic unity of DeFi to conventional E-Commerce. With merely 2 lines of code, any company can integrate into the XF ecosystem, and receive the best security, management costs, and provide a customer experience and cost-efficiency that only a specially made decentralized project of this scale could provide. Thus, instigating the rise of the most seamless shopping experience ever.

Issues Prevalent, Xion’s Solution Evident

Now that merchant suppliers can seamlessly join this upgraded system of DeFi E-Commerce, we wanted to assure that customers could experience a refined UX whilst not demanding a change in their online purchasing habits. In line with this, we made it so any merchant using XF can accept payments from any globally-derived credit or debit card, as well as Apple and Google Pay. This all-encompassing payment system is made possible by our PCI-compliant partner Wyre.

Small Purchases Made Possible

How Xion Merchants Can Provide Consumers With Best-In-Class Prices

Time to Give XF a Try

Be sure to stay tuned for future updates regarding our IDO on Trustpad. We are overwhelmingly excited to have our public sale hosted by the safest multichain launchpad. Trustpad’s user interface and commitment to safety align extremely well with what we are bringing to market with the Xion payment portal.

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