Ortcoin IDO is Launching on Xion Finance

Ortcoin IDO is launching on Xion Finance on 10th Feb, 2022!

Okratech Token is revolutionising the Gig Economy, Freelancing & Remote work For WEB 3.0 Economy. Now you can pay and earn crypto for freelance services!

They’ve already got an MVP called OrtJob! Here are a few details on their minimal viable product:

  • OrtJob is powered by DeFi and self-governing DAO which serves as a unique and never before seen user-friendly decentralised broad platform for Gig Jobs/Freelancing/remote work
  • Actualises a new innovative model assuring professional mediation between the employer and employee
  • NO COMMISSION- Users can enjoy commission free freelancing.
  • MULTIPLE PAYMENT OPTIONS- Employers will be able to select from variety of payment options .
  • ESCROW PAYMENTS- Through our Milestone Payments System, users will be able to safely and securely exchange payments. Employers will also have the option to release payments only when they are satisfied with the work.
  • USER-FRIENDLY- Finding jobs and getting bids through a simple search and click.
  • TRANSPARENCY- Users will be able to browse profiles, reviews, and previous jobs of employer/freelancer in order to determine best fit.
  • NFT’s- Users will be able to create NFT’s through the help of our top freelancers.

Join the Ortcoin Community:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Tokenomics| Whitepaper

Ortcoin IDO Details on Xion Finance

Token: $ORT
Network: BSC; raise in BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, DASH, BCH, XGT, USDT, xDAI
Total Supply: 900,000,000 ORT
Initial Market Cap: $333,000
Xion Finance Sale Date: 10th February 2022, 10:00 am UTC

Xion Finance Allocation: $100,000
IDO Price: $0.05
Vesting: 18% TGE, then 20.5% for 4 months
Token Listing Date: TBA

How to participate with Xion Finance

Head to the Xion Finance marketplace to view the Ortcoin IDO here.

Xion Finance uses a Tier System to determine the amount of guaranteed allocation a participant is entitled to. These levels start from 250 XGT being staked in the IDO/INO staking pools and can go up to 58k XGT. The multiplier assigned to each tier calculates how much allocation is provided per a base allocation, which is set once your XGT stake is automatically locked 6 hours before the start of the sale/raise.

You can review and stake into the Tiers by clicking here.

Getting XGT

The Xion Finance homepage has a ‘BUY XGT’ button that will take you to Honeyswap DEX on the xDAI chain.

If you cannot find XGT V2 then manually use this contract address:

Staking XGT or LP to access the IDO

Once you’ve got some XGT in your wallet, then follow these steps to stake your $XGT:

  1. Go to the Xion Finance Website: https://xion.finance/farm_pool
  2. Open any of the following pools & Stake $XGT according to the $XGT tiers: — xDAI IDO/INO(ERC20)
    — XGT IDO/INO(ERC20)
  3. 6 hours before the IDO sale starts, your $XGT stake will be automatically locked in any of the IDO pools mentioned above.
  4. After your stake has been automatically locked, you can view “Your Tier” in the any of the pools mentioned above to see what allocation you have in the IDO.
  5. Your $XGT stake will be locked for 5 days after the IDO sale start date.

YouTube Tutorials:

  1. Single Asset Stake XGT For IDOs/INOs
  2. Stake xDAI/XGT LP for IDOs/INOs

$1 Daily Subscription for a Boosted Allocation

Want a 35% boost on your guaranteed allocation!?

Simply subscribe to the $1 daily subscription at least 4 days prior to the Ortcoin IDO and you will get a 35% boosted allocation on your registered staking tier.

Learn more: https://xionwiki.gitbook.io/xion.finance/faq/ido-ino-booster-membership

Registering for the IDO

To participate in the sale, your $XGT stake in the IDO/INO pools will be automatically locked for 5 days from the start date of the Ortcoin IDO sale.

Participating in the IDO

Once the Ortcoin IDO is Live, the guaranteed allocation round will last approximately six (6) hours, followed by an FCFS round which is only for XGT stakers and whitelisted wallets.

You need to complete these steps to participate:

  1. Head to https://xion.finance/shop
  2. Scroll down to Ortcoin & click ‘Buy Now’
  3. You will be redirected to complete your purchase
  4. Pay in XGT, ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, xDAI, XRP, USDT or DASH

Whitelisting FCFS Round

Xion Finance will be doing a whitelist competition, where winners will be able to participate in the Ortcoin Whitelisting FCFS Round.

Follow the instructions on the Gleam campaign and earn points. The more points you earn the more chances you have to win access into the Whitelisting FCFS Round.

Gleam Campaign >> https://gleam.io/Hrsiv/ortcoin-ido-whitelist-competition

Whitelist Round: 50 people with the highest score on the board will get access into the Whitelisting Round. The remaining 150 whitelist people will be randomly selected from the applicants.

All 200 whitelist applicants will be able to participate in Ortcoin IDO using BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH, XRP, xDAI, USDT or XGT.

The link for the public whitelist will be shared here once it is live, as well as on official channels >> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lXz1XykHCSwy7jiWYfUUbo__wLCzthfmiiWNn6bN3Q0/edit?usp=sharing

Public Round

If there are still allocations left after the whitelisting FCFS round, then anyone can get into the remainder of the sale.

About Xion

By combining the irresistible perks of a Web3 environment, cross-chain capability, loyalty programs and cashback rewards, Xion readies itself to be the game-changer in the global e-commerce and finance industries. Essentially, Xion aims to be a Web3 Stripe facilitating crypto payments for thousands of merchants and their customers when they shop online and at almost zero costs.

Join us on Telegram: https://t.me/xionglobal




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