How XION Finance Allows Small Businesses to Shine: Fighting Back Against Amazons Market Domination

In today’s world of E-Commerce, every small online business must acclimate to a shadow of doubt ever-present and looming over them. This shadow is Amazon’s expansive and unyielding market dominance. For example, in 2020, Amazon reached a staggering 38.7% share of US E-Commerce retail sales.

Xion Finance is here to provide the tools necessary for small businesses to combat the supremacy of these corporate giants and create a better online shopping experience for all. Our unique crypto-based payment gateway fuels this improved Ecommerce experience.

The Best Payment Gateway For Your Online Store

Our intuitive and innovative payment gateway provides four unique advantages over prominent applications like Stripe and Paypal. These advantages include:

  1. 0% transaction fees on crypto and card payments
  2. No Chargebacks
  3. Earn interest on your sales revenue
  4. Up to 100% Cashback Rewards for customers

How Xion Enables a 0% Transaction Fee Experience

The Xion Finance 0% transaction fee payment gateway is made possible through Decentralized Finance(DeFi) smart contracts and the xDAI blockchain. DeFi is breaking down the borders of global finance the same way online shopping broke down boundaries for retail. By uniting DeFi smart contracts with the xDAI blockchain, we can provide lightning-fast transactions for only a few cents per transaction.

This innovation opens up a new world of microtransaction sustainability in the online shopping ecosystem. Thanks to this, Small businesses garner the benefit of lowered cost of operation and a better user experience. These benefits serve as the first way we assist small businesses in their battle against Amazon.

No Chargebacks

Chargebacks are one of the most invasive issues for small business owners. They stifle growth and have a deleterious effect on the cost of operations. Thankfully, the advent of smart contract technology disables the chargeback feature. Thus, when a transaction is issued, we immediately deposit an equivalent amount of xDAI to the merchant’s account to pay for the product. All of this circumvents the entire chargeback issue, allowing credit card payments and apple through our system with no risk chargebacks for merchants.

As a result, small businesses will no longer have to contend with the preposterous chargebacks of up to 20% from other payment gateway providers.

A Unique System to Increase Returns

Xion Finance is not limited to its gateway; we also host a full suite of DeFi tools for business owners and users to take advantage of. The most prevalent of which is the revenue interest system. The revenue accrued by a store’s sales can be set to feed into a DeFi pool for compounding returns.

From this pool, you can expect returns of up to 15%, which also compounds. Further, any interest accrued through our revenue staking system can be withdrawn at any time into xDAI, a stable coin. Overall, our revenue staking system allows business to increase their earnings seamlessly.

More Rewards Than Honey, Honey!

When users checkout via our payment portal, using any of our payment options, they earn up to 100% cash back in $XGT. As a result, stores that utilize Xion have the opportunity to provide industry-leading rewards to their customers. Further, customers can only use these rewards on XION compatible stores, which promotes repeat purchases.

Of course, 100% cashback sounds like a pipe dream, and it would be if it lasted forever. The 100% rewards are only offered to our earliest adopters. However, a sustainable 40–80% cashback is the goal in the midterm.

As a result of the above, the cashback system provides the means for stores to incentivize return customers, one of the most important goals for any store owner. We have many other loyalty programs to improve this aspect (we will touch on those in later articles).

Overall, the combination of these four critical aspects of Xion Finance provides online businesses with the means necessary to combat the tyranny of large corporations such as Amazon. Through this convenient store application, we hope to usher in a new era of E-Commerce equitability and make online business ownership a more secure means of living.

About XION Finance

Xion Finance aims to address these limitations with the development of a world-first payments solution, bringing practical functionality to blockchain and cryptocurrencies for real-world usage. The Xion Finance payments & rewards gateway makes it easy for any business, ranging from SMME’s to multinationals, to accept and send payments, reward customers with cashback and build loyalty. Learn more by reading our whitepaper.

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