Announcing The Xion Finance Meme Competition

Xion Finance is blown away by the amount of growth we have seen in our community, with our Twitter and Telegram collectively reaching over 120,000 followers. With the support of our amazing community, we are confident that we will disrupt the e-commerce industry and create the world’s best payment processing platform. To reward all of our supporters, we are hosting a meme competition for all of our talented and creative supporters. This competition is a chance for the best Memers out there to win 800 USDT total in prizes.

How to Participate

  1. Make a meme of your choice featuring something positive about Xion Finance
  2. Follow us on Twitter —
    and Telegram —
  3. Tweet out your meme with @XionFinance, $XGT and #XionMemes. Plus, tag 3 friends in your tweet.
  4. Fill out our form so we can confirm your submission —
  5. Then await our announcement; 4 winners will be selected based on the quality of the meme at our discretion. Our Twitter will also retweet all winning memes.

Rewards 🏆

1st place — $500 USDT

3 Runner ups — $100 USDT

Submission Deadline: Tuesday, July 6th at 9:00pm UTC

We look forward to seeing all of your creative memes!🔥

About XION

We are the next generation of payment portals. Bringing cross chain decentralised payments, loyalty and financial rewards to a global commerce industry. Think ‘Stripe’ for web3

This coupled with our all-star team with 30+ years of marketing experience, positions Xion to disrupt the payment system industry and become a true leader in the space.

Now backed by some of the most renowned ventures in the industry: Twin Apex, CVVC, Lupa X Capital, SkyVision Capital, DarkPool Liquidity, Metrix Capital and more!

“Cryptocurrency needs a real-world use case to gain mass adoption and our e-commerce solution is a natural fit for this purpose” — Xion Finance



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