Announcing The Xion Finance Dual IDO: One Step Closer to The Online Shopping Revolution

Good afternoon valued XF supporters,

We are positively delighted to unveil the two launchpads that will be undertaking the $XGT IDO. Prior to our decision, we engaged in a strict vetting process covering several platforms to ensure only the best launchpads for XF’s success were finally chosen. This vetting process was in place to ensure the two launchpads had the utmost security and equitability for our great supporters.

It is common for only the launchpad to vet the project, but we believe extinguishing this trend is vital to ensuring the safe participation of our community members. As a result of this goal, we are handling the distribution for both launchpads through our CertiK audited vesting smart contracts. This overarching control over distribution will ensure fair and timely distribution to all investors at TGE.

Thus, without further adieu, we are proud to announce that Xion Finance will have its IDO conducted by Trustpad and BSCPad on July 7th, 2021. These two industry-leading launchpads will administer the boost necessary for our revolutionary payment portal to shine. Overall, Trustpad and BSCPad embody the security and fairness that are intrinsic to the success of XF.

Stay tuned for other significant announcements regarding the IDO in the coming week, and be sure to prepare yourself for the XF launch on July 7th.

About TrustPad

TrustPad allows investors to gain access to early-stage blockchain projects in a safe and secure ecosystem. Their decentralized platform has made waves with features like lottery levels and rewards for $TPAD stakers. Further, TrustPad is committed to launching projects that have sustainable long-term value and ensure this through a stringent vetting process. The platform is also interoperable on networks like BSC and Ethereum, with plans to expand to Solana, Polkadot, and Cardano shortly.

About BSCPad

BSCPad is the first launch pad dedicated to launching projects on the Binance Smart Chain. BSCPad is a platform that grants holders of their exclusive token access to projects at the pre-sale level. In addition, through a guaranteed allocation infrastructure, BSCPad provides the fairest tier structure for investors possible. Overall, BSCPad’s commitment to being the ideal launchpad and its dedication to innovative projects at the earliest stages has assisted in the underlying development of the entire Binance Smart Chain Network. Helping bring trust to a Network previously troubled by inconsistent security.

About Xion

Xion Global is a decentralized payment portal that disrupts the e-commerce payment industry, empowering business owners and consumers. Upon analyzing the current payment systems in e-commerce, it became obvious that there was a need in the market for a better, decentralized option. One that allows business owners to save time and focus on growth by removing intermediaries and reducing fees associated with them. Our technology provides total transparency to buyers and sellers, and we are excited to offer this same benefit to investors who utilize TrustPad and BSCPad’s platform.

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