Sollarion IDO Launching on Xion Finance on 9th Feb, 2022!

Sollarion is the first online NFT hexa-turn strategy card game based on Solana Blockchain. …

AssetFi IDO is launching on Xion Finance on 13th January 2022!

Xion Finance has partnered with AssetFi to launch their IDO on the Xion Finance marketplace. In light of this partnership, AssetFi will also be doing a $5,000 $AFI airdrop to all the IDO participants on Xion Finance.

AssetFi is…

14 chains coming to Xion!

Xion has partnered with Elk Finance to bring over 14+ chains to the Xion Global decentralised payment gateway and Xion Finance DeFi protocol.

Utilising Elk Finances cross-chain bridging solution, consumers will be able to pay with the crypto of their choice and merchants will receive…


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